Patent protection can be pursued in most countries of the world, but patent law and procedures are highly complex. It is usually necessary to employ the services of a firm such as ours to best protect an invention. We also advise on how to avoid infringing other people's patents.

We represent clients directly before the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Office. We have a network of overseas firms, with whom we have strong working relationships, to represent our clients before foreign patent offices and to advise on foreign law. We are thus able to offer patent filing, prosecution and advisory services worldwide.

Our patent services include:

  • Preparing patent application for new inventions and handling all aspects of the patent application process
  • Helping to enforce patents against infringers
  • Helping to defend when someone alleges infringement
  • Advising on how to avoid infringing other people's patents
  • Assisting with buying, selling and licensing patents
  • Monitoring competitor patents
  • Patent renewal fee payment
  • Due diligence, including, for example, investigating and reporting on patent portfolios, ownership, infringement and validity of rights, and providing freedom to operate opinions